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Bissell Multireach REVIEW

What is Bissell MultiReach?

It claims to be a lightweight, cordless vacuum that can replace an upright vacuum for daily cleaning. It also proclaims to clean hard-to-reach areas such as underneath furniture or overhead and quickly switches to a hand vacuum to clean smaller spaces.



Cleanup made easy

Bissell Multireach guarantees to be a handy, lightweight vacuum that can reach places where even an upright cannot. It assures that it can clean up messy places swiftly in one pass. It promises so with the help of a powerful suction squeegee technology that cleans up the mess efficiently. At this point in time, there are no Bissell Multireach reviews available to attest to its claims.


Multiple attachments
Bissell Multireach asserts to have a multi-reach system, thanks to its upholstery tool, dusting brush, crevice tool, and the suction nozzle. The multi-surface rush roll picks up regular dirt and dust from surfaces with ease while the crevice tool removes debris from nooks and crannies that are otherwise hard to clear. The upholstery and stair cleaning brush are designed to perfectly clean surfaces of furniture, car, stairs, etc. without a lot of stress. Lastly, its soft dusting brush can be used to brush away dust and dirt settled on delicate items such as curtains and lampshades.


Multi-reach design
It alleges to reach higher places conveniently due to its lightweight frame and can turn into a hand-held vacuum easily for cleaning furniture and car interiors. The smart design also states to go flat so that it can reach areas under the furniture. Bissell Multireach maintains to work on all types of surfaces, from hardwood floors to tiles to rugs, and carpets. There are currently no user reviews available to substantiate its claims.


Exclusive features
The lightweight Bissell Multireach vacuum cleaner emphasizes to provide utmost user-friendly experience since it is lightweight and also cordless. It comes with a 22V lithium-ion removable battery that charges quickly and stays powered for up to 20 minutes for cleaning larger areas swiftly and easily. The powerful motor of this vacuum is declared to be enhanced with the help if bright LED lights that illuminate the dirty floor area where it is difficult to see otherwise. Bissell Multireach states to also have a removable dirt bin that can be easily emptied directly into a dustbin without touching it. Did you find Bissell Multireach helpful for cleaning around the house? Send us your reviews.


Bissell MultiReach Review

Terry Burns writes in her Bissell MultiReach review- “It is light and works well but then I noticed it ruined my hardwood floor and left scratches everywhere”.

In her review of the Bissell MultiReach Lana Walsh states that it needs more suction power, longer battery life, and quieter sound.

Danielle Berry is disappointed with the Bissell MultiReach and complains in her review- “It does not even pick up the things that are on my stair carpet. It picks up items on a bare floor after going over the area several times.

Myrtle Banks purchased the Bissell MultiReach and mentions in her review- “The first time I used it, the battery lasted more than 23 minutes. Now, after 2 months and only 10 times of full charging it, the battery life drops to less than 15 minutes, hardly enough for a living room.

Another user, Tammy Chandler mentions in her Bissell MultiReach review- “The storage bracket was my main concern as you can’t really hang the vacuum on it with the head attached. While you can physically hang it, it leaves the vacuum or bracket vulnerable to breakage. If someone were to lean on the tube, it would break the bracket or the vacuum head”.

Unhappy with the Bissell MultiReach, Meredith Brock writes in her review that the suction is too weak and she had to repeatedly go back and forth to pick up items.

Janet Figueroa claims in her Bissell MultiReach review that the large attachment roller did not work.

Kristina Moss is unhappy with the Bissell MultiReach and says in her review that the brush head stopped working in 2 weeks.

Sophie Ball used the Bissell MultiReach and complains in her review- “It doesn’t pick up crushed gold fish off a linoleum floor! It did better on carpet but slowly lost suction and when I transitioned from carpet to linoleum it would lose suction and dump the debris on the floor”.

Juanita Hughes, another user, says in her review of the Bissell MultiReach – “Its thin head prevents it from sucking up things much bigger than crumbs (pushed around cheerios and raisins – too low to go over) and clogged often. Even after I cleaned the clogs, a large pile of debris would fall out when I would stop the suction and pick the vacuum up to move it”.

Wanda Holmes complains in her Bissell MultiReach review- “The motorized brush used power from the canister. The connection quality is low is poor due to overall poor quality materials and design. The brush consistently loses power even though the connections are proper”.

In her review of the Bissell MultiReach Lydia Riley states- “The filters are poor quality and the vacuum loses suction very quickly. They become clogged easily and the light turns red noting you must empty the canister”.


Bissell MultiReach Questions and Answers

Q. How is the Bissell MultiReach with pet hair?
A. I primarily purchased the Bissell MultiReach for the pet hair. I have a husky that sheds all the time and the Bissell MultiReach works great on our tile and hardwood floors.

Q. Can the Bissell MultiReach stand up by itself?
A. No, the Bissell MultiReach can’t stand up on its own. You have to lean it against something.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach work on wooden floors?
A. I’ve used the Bissell MultiReach twice on my wood floors and it seems to work okay.

Q. Is the Bissell MultiReach really loud or quiet compared to standard vacuums?
A. I think it is little bit quiet than the standard vacuums.

Q. Can you turn the motorized beater off in the Bissell MultiReach?
A. No, unless you want to take the whole head off.

Q. How does the Bissell MultiReach works on carpet?
A. The Bissell MultiReach doesn’t pick up much at all on carpet.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach scratch hard wood floors?
A. We have laminate floors and it does not scratch them, thought they are harder than some wood floors. I would not expect it to scratch wood floors, because there are no metal parts that contact the floor, just plastic and a fiber brush.

Q. Can the Bissell MultiReach be used for vacuuming car also?
A. Yes, just use the attachments. Remove the long extension and carpet head and add the brush or crevice tool. I have a large SUV and used the carpet head in the back area.

Q. How long does the Bissell MultiReach vacuum take to charge?
A. Bissell MultiReach takes approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge.

Q. Will the Bissell MultiReach fit underneath my bed?
A. It should fit under a bed easily

Q. Will the Bissell MultiReach pick up cat litter?
A. Doubtful, no cordless vac can do that.

Q. How wide is the suction head?
A. The suction head is approximately 9.25″.

Q. Can the battery be charged separately?
A. I would say no, unless they sell a standalone charger. You would have to contact the manufacturer.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach have padding underneath the main floor tool?
A. I do not see any padding. At the top there is a plastic strip and the bottom has a soft brush strip.

Q. Does the head swivel?
A. The head swivels at about half the rate of the handle. For example, 90 degree rotation of the handle = 45 degree swivel of the brush head.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach work well on stained concrete floors?
A. Doubtful

Q. Does the handle lay flat to get under couches etc.?
A. Yes, the handle lay flat to get under couches etc.

Q. How well does it remove pet hair from very low pile carpet?
A. Cordless vacs are not a very good choice for deep carpet vacuuming.

Q. Is the Bissell MultiReach bagless?
A. Yes! The vacuum collects the debris it picks up in the easy to empty container on the bottom of the vacuum.

Q. Is there a way to keep the power on without holding down the trigger?
A. Please ask the manufacturer.

Q. How does it do picking up food particles off the floor?
A. Fairly well, that is if the food pieces are not too big.

Q. Is the battery replaceable?
A. Please ask the manufacturer

Q. How is the suction of the Bissell MultiReach vacuum?
A. It is fairly good, just like any other good cordless vac.

Q. Are the wheels of the Bissell MultiReach rubber or plastic?
A. The wheels are plastic.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach vacuum have different power settings?
A. I didn’t see any.

Q. Do you have to hold the button to keep it running?
A. Yes, you will have to hold the button to keep it running.

Q. Can the Bissell MultiReach be used for wet vacuuming?
A. No, it cannot be used for wet vacuuming.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach adjust in height or is it fixed?
A. The long floor attachment is fixed at that height.

Q. What is the warranty of the Bissell MultiReach?
A. It comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach pick up kitty litter?
A. I would not recommend it for cat litter.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach vacuum reach completely under a bed?
A. It depends on how big the gap is between the bed and the floor. My bed sits a couple inches off and it fits underneath that.

Q. Is it good for cat and dog fur?
A. Yes.

Q. Do we need to change the filter often?
A. The filter can be washed by washing under lukewarm water. The filter needs to be air dried for 24 hours before it can be reinstalled to the machine. The exhaust filter is recommended to be replaced every 6 months.” From my own usage experience I had dry cleaned the filter several times with a soft brush and air blower and works fine.

Q. Does the Bissell MultiReach work well on high pile rugs?
A. No, it doesn’t work well on high pile rugs.

Q. How well does the Bissell MultiReach remove dust from hardwood floors?
A. You have to go where the dust is a few times with any cordless vac.


What do I get?
BISSELL Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum just for only $249.95
BISSELL Multi Reach Cordless Vacuum Includes:
– Upholstery Tool
– Dusting Brush
– Crevice Tool
– Suction Nozzle
– Power Brush Tool
– Extra Filter
Official Website: BissellMultiReach.com

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