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Broom Jet REVIEW

What is Broom Jet

It claims to be an amazing cleaning tool that provides multiple cleaning action to scrub and power wash with a water jet at the same time.



Broom Jet REVIEW

Flimsy Handle and Leakages

Cathy bought the Broom Jet to clean the lanai by the pool she complains in her Broom Jet review that the handle comes apart easily and that Broom Jet was of no use what so ever, she dumped it for a Home Depot single handled water broom.

Brad complains in his review that the Broom Jet is a total rip-off. The handle is made cheaply in 3 segments and does not fit well and comes apart with just little pressure.

Steve reveals the disadvantages of Broom Jet in his review, he explains that the Broom Jet handle is made up of three aluminum poles that need to be put together, but the connections that join the aluminum pipes are made of plastic. These plastic connectors slips apart with a little force on the joint.

Laura complains that the Broom Jet handle is flimsy to use and bends easily while using and you can’t scrub effectively using the Broom Jet.


Broom Jet is of Poor Quality

Harris complains in his Broom Jet review that the plastic housing near the brush head warped with just a few uses and the water sprays out on your feet. He tried sealing it with no success. He too like other Broom Jet reviewers complain that the handle is fragile and bends so much even with little pressure and hence Broom Jet cannot really scrub effectively. Harris concludes it is a hopeless product and does not recommend it.

Richard too complains that the Broom Jet is poorly made and is practically useless. The top came apart the first time he used the Broom Jet and the water shot out from everywhere but the nozzles.

Chloe in her Broom Jet review complains that plastic connector above the broom cracked after only a month’s use and water started leaking. The worst part is that she could not remove the damaged section to shorten the handle as Broom Jet head would not fit in the other connectors. It would have helped if the head fitted into any of the 3 connectors/segments – you could still shorten the Broom Jet handle to use it, but that is not the case. Chloe is back to her regular scrub brush.

Samuel mentions in his Broom Jet review that you have to rotate the entire unit to attach is to the hose, at a fraction of a cost the manufacturer could have added a rotating collar at the joints to make the joining task easier.


Small Size
Brian says he is 5’10” and he finds Broom Jet too short to use and is ideal for people under 5’4”.


Not much pressure
Steve further reveals in his Broom Jet review that the pressure from the nozzles is not high enough to clean the dust and does not wash away anything. Though the concept is great it is executed poorly.

Joel liked the Broom Jet until it began to kink at the first joint and the water pressure began to drop. He used the Broom Jet to clean the garage. But after using it for a few weeks the water has began to leak from the first connector. In his Broom Jet review Joel suggests the manufacturer should change the design to just a single aluminum pipe.

Brandon reveals that the Broom Jet ad is misleading – there is no such thing as water jets blasting from the nozzle.


Works for light duty tasks
Pamela says she uses the Broom Jet with good effect for removing moss, she likes the Control flow valve feature and she recommends it for other light duty tasks. She says it a great tool if you could buy it for under $15.

Lauren in her Broom Jet review mentions that the broom is OK for small tasks, she used it to clean the dirt in the concrete patio with fairly good results, water jets from the Broom Jet removed the surface dirt but did not have enough pressure to remove the dirt from the expansion joints.


Should you buy Broom Jet

If you are impressed by the Broom Jet ad then be cautious!! nothing of what they show in the ad is true. Broom Jet is just a fancy gadget that is NOT GOOD at HARDCORE cleaning. It is just OK for small cleaning and that too is a lot of hassle. This is what happens when you put more features in one product – nothing works best. Though the cleaning head has great features like 14 nozzles and 2 jet blast sprays, and has a Flow Control switch, the main issue is the 3 aluminum poles and the cheap plastic connectors that make it bend and leak. As one of the reviewer pointed out in the Broom Jet reviews above it would be a great cleaning tool if it had just one single sturdy handle.

Broom Jet is not a unique product – there is a similar product with the name Deck Washer Broom available at HomeDepot.com and Amazon.com. Deck Washer Broom too does not have very great reviews.

Priced at $37 Broom Jet is not a good purchase, also it is not available in stores or at other online retailers. You can buy it only at the manufacturer’s official website BroomJet.ca.

Broom Jet is no alternative to Power washer and scrubbing brush.


Broom Jet Claims

Clean with ease – Broom Jet states to have a design that can be used for deep cleaning exterior siding, remove mold and mildew from stucco, jet clean stones, tile, marbles and decorative bricks while also cleaning stains from asphalt and concrete. More shall be revealed in Broom Jet reviews.


All-in-one design – Broom Jet claims to combine an industrial grade scrub brush head that has 14 independent water jets and built-in squeegee. One has to simply attach it to any garden hose and even has a telescopic handle design to clean hard to reach places. Broom Jet maintains to have a flow control switch and 2 jet blast spray tips with pinpoint and wide spray nozzle. Broom Jet asserts to have a soap dispenser attachment which can be used to clean cars easily without scratching the clear coat surface. Did you find Broom Jet helpful? Send us your reviews.


What do I get?

  • 1 Broom Jet
  • 1 25′ Xhose Pro Extreme

Price: $29.95 USD + $6.95 USD | Official website: Broomjet.ca

1 Comment on "Broom Jet REVIEW"

  1. Most useless product I’ve ever purchased.
    Comes apart near the top and the brush part comes off as well. Had to screw both sections in about 20 times to get my deck cleaned. Used once and will never put myself through that again.

    Do not buy.

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