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Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner REVIEW

About Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner

It’s a lightweight, bag-less and compact vacuum cleaner that works multi-cyclonic technology and cleans bare floors, carpets and other surfaces flawlessly. Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner aims to make the tedious task of cleaning a breeze for you through the range of powerful features it has been built with coupled with its exclusive attachments.




Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner CLAIMS

Cleaning Solution that Really works? – The vacuum cleaner supposedly traps virtually even the tiniest speck of dirt to make your surroundings spotlessly clean. Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner is provided with attachments like Mop ‘N Vac that clean and polish floors simultaneously, an extended and an on-board crevice tool to help you reach hard to access places and vacuuming, a deep clean fiber brush and multi detail fiber brush to remove dust and pet hair from various surfaces. The cleaner also has a side suction brush head and easy to empty dustbin to add to convenience for you.

Empowered with Triple Action HEPA Filter – The makers of Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner state that other top-quality attachments like the triple action HEPA filter attest beyond doubt that this vacuum cleaner is superior to others. It also has a 1400W suction that draws the smallest of particles from all types of floors including wooden flooring, hard floors, etc. The makers of Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner further guarantee that it captures & packs away as much as 99.97% of microscopic dust, pollutants, dirt and allergens effortlessly. In addition to that, Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner uses multi-cyclonic technology which is known to generate a huge amount of force. According to its makers, all these features get the vacuum cleaner to clean the toughest of surfaces effortlessly without causing any damage or harm the surfaces it cleans.


Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner Questions and Answers

Q. Does Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner come with a powered motor driven head or does it work on suction?
A. The floor cleaner is basically suction driven and effective for hard floors and only very low pile carpets.

Q. Can I use Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner to clean carpets?

A. Not really; it is good at cleaning hard floors you have any significant amount of carpet (which is why it is known as “Hard Floor Expert”). It cannot clean carpets the way you’d want it to.

Q. Are the wheels of Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner made of rubber-like material or hard plastic? Do the wheels create scratches on wooden floor?
A. The wheels are made of plastic with rubber edge. The wheels do create marks on the floor, which appear more like grazes, so you need to be extra careful while using the machine.

Q. How many amps power the Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner?
A. It has a canister that has a 9.2 amp motor.

Q. What is the total length of the floor cleaner’s cord and how long is its hose?
A. Around 10-12 feet.

Q. Can Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner suck whole Cheerios scattered on hardwood floor completely?
A. No, it can’t suck the cereals completely as they get stuck to hardwood floor and the machine has very small slots at the mouth.

Q. Does Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner run on 110v power or 220v?
A. On 110 volts.

Q. Does the floor cleaner pick up pet hair?
A. It can pick up pet hair only from hard flooring.

Q. In what way are the turbine hard floor tools and multi surface floor nozzles different?
A. Turbine tools are suitable to clean hardwood floors. They spin and generate better suction force for cleaning.

Q. The filter on the top of the canister of my Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner has become very dusty and isn’t cleaning properly. Is the filter replaceable?
A. Yes , it is.

Q. Is the cord of Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner retractable?
A. Yes it is.

Q. Is the handle of the cleaner long enough? I’m very tall, so I want to know if it will suit me.
A. The handle is like a metal wand which can be contracted and also extended to nearly double its size, so you should find it convenient to use.

Q. Is it good at cleaning stairs?
A. It basically is designed to clean floors, so it doesn’t work that well on stairs. However, since its hose is pretty long and the handle extends to around 5 feet and nd you can pick up the unit as you do the stairs, it’s fairly light.

Q. Can the small crevice tool or cleaning brush attachments be attached directly to the handle (instead of to the extension)?
A. The extension can be removed, allowing the attachments to be placed on the short extension off the handle. when vacuuming under a bed, the attachment can pop off! Not a big deal!

Q. Is the filtration HEPA-rated?
A. Yes, it is.

Q. Does the vacuum have a cleaning brush tool? Can be stored inside it?
A. Yes, it does.

Q. Is a brushless attachment for pet hair supplied to prevent clogging of the vacuum?
A. No, the machine has a brush, which isn’t designed to pick up pet hair. You will have to do it manually.

Q. Can it clean laminate flooring surfaces, marbles and tiles?
A. Yes.

Q. Does this machine collect debris well?
A. It cleans hard wood floors well but doesn’t work on carpets. You also have to take extra measures like polishing floors and use other implements to clean carpets.

Q. Which attachments are supplied with Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner
A. A small brush attachment, small angled attachment, hardwood floor attachment/sweeper and carpet attachment/sweeper are included.

Q. Does this vacuum come with a heap filter?
A. No, it doesn’t have a sealed HEPA system though it has a pleated post motor filter and washable dirt cup filter.

Q. Can it clean cat lint from hard wood floor and tiles that aren’t even?
A. Yes, it can.

Q. Do the bristles get clogged up with hair easily?
A. No.

Q. Does the hardwood floor head attachment of the cleaner have a brush or does it work only with suction?
A. It has a soft brush.

Q. Is this vacuum cleaner light in weight? Can I lift it and move it around the house easily
A. it’s not too heavy. An average person can pick it up.

Q. I the vacuum cleaner noisy?
A. No, it’s quiet silent.



Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner Review

Bernard Perry who’s been using Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner has complained in his review for it that it doesn’t do whatever its makers claim. Though its suction power is decent, it picks up dirt only when its wand is pulled backwards. If the vacuum head is pushed ahead, it just scatters stuff ahead and makes the floor messier. A thin brush provided at the front of the vacuum head doesn’t pick the dirt and lets it pass inside the machine. He says that actually he has to lift the wand of Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner and place it head up over debris for cleaning.

Gwendolyn Hamilton also echoes Bernard’s views in her Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner review and says that she gets exasperated pushing and pulling the vacuum cleaner to move it around the house. She says that the attachments of the Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner are also not of good quality. It also jams frequently, doesn’t suck properly nor pick up all the dirt. One of the attachments made scratch marks on her floor and the filter cover along with a clip broke in just one week. In two months, some more parts of plastic started breaking. Now, the hose of her Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner is showing cracks at the spot it connects with the handle and a big hole has also appeared near the nozzle.

Maurice Cohen, another dissatisfied customer, has complained in her Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner review that it seems to be of cheap quality. It clogs every now and then even while cleaning tiny amounts of dust and pet hair. She says that the multiple filters of the Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner don’t help and she has to take its canister apart after every cleaning session to clean the filters. Even its cord is very short and the plastic grip where the wand connects to the handle is weak. Worse, the wand has also become loose near the handle and keeps falling out while vacuuming. The body also keeps stumbling when she pulls it around and to make things worse, one of its wheels is also not running smoothly. She says that she got her Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner replaced, but she’s facing the same issues with the new one too. She says it’s also bad at cleaning carpets, has poorly functioning buttons and not worth its price.


Floor Wiz Compact Floor Cleaner VERDICT

Floor Wiz Compact floor cleaner has many of the features same as that of other vacuum cleaners in the market. The insights from the reviews points out at the drawbacks that it is bad at cleaning carpets and seems to be of cheap quality thus not worth its price. Whereas these drawbacks and many more can be over can many other powerful vacuums worth the price. Hence, floor wiz compact floor cleaner won’t be a good choice of vacuum according to us considering the feedback of its performance from the verified users.


Official website: FloorWiz.co.nz

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