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About H2O SteamFX Pro

It is a steam cleaning tool that promises to clean, deodorize and sanitize almost every surface in your home.



It emphasizes that it utilizes 1200 watts of steam to penetrate deep into nooks and crevices. The super-heated steam loosens the dirt while the microfiber pad locks in in cleaning and polishing at the same time. Does it really work as weel as promised? H2O SteamFX Pro reviews will soon reveal the facts.

It is designed with an extra-large water tank and alleges to clean longer without a refill. This claim can be substantiated only once H2O SteamFX Pro is reviewed.

Converting to a powerful handheld steamer, it claims to be ideal to clean windows, sinks, upholstery and more. There are currently no reviews to validate this claim.

It maintains that it is ideal to clean and polish wooden, linoleum and tiles floors without chemicals. As of now there are no H2O SteamFX Pro reviews to verify this claim.




The customers who purchased H2O Steam FX Pro are not completely happy with the end result of the product as it did not worked as claimed in the advertisement and hence it failed to impress the users. One of the customer said that – “H2O Steam FX Pro surely did not clean as well as I expected. Did not clean the shower or tub very well, and it certainly did NOT cut any grease for me on my stove or range hood.” Another customer had to say – “ H2O Steam FX Pro barely does the job. Takes forever to melt fat splatters on oven consoles. Does not dissolve bathroom grime on walls. It does some minor melting of dirt and grime. But takes forever to melt serious grease splatters. H2O Steam FX Pro might be good for sanitizing.”

H2O Steam FX Pro as reviewed by the customers is not powerful whatsoever! Maybe the first 30 sec jet would be able to actually work and clean properly but who on earth can clean a whole bathroom in 30seconds with one jet of steam? So all in all H2O Steam FX Pro is good for small not to dirty jobs. Anything more than that and you will be sorely disappointed. For one thing the tank of H2O Steam FX Pro is way to small so the steam doesn’t last long. You have to stop often to let the steam build back up. Keep your expectations at a minimum and you will be fine.


H2O Steam FX Pro Questions and Answers

Q: Can H2O Steam FX Pro steam clean clothes as well?
A: Not sure about cleaning but can be used as fabric steamer to remove wrinkles

Q: What is the warranty?
A: No warranty.


H2O Steam FX Pro Verdict

H2O Steam FX is said to be good for small cleaning jobs as the heat and the time steam lasts is not enough for tough cleaning and so the customers were disappointed with the product.

Owing to the drawbacks of H2O Steam FX Pro we recommend you to look for Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner on amazon.com. Along with it you get 6 different attachments and 3 additional accessories all for $19.31, to know what all attachments are included you can read the description about it on amazon.com. From our searches we found Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner by far an apt choice. In addition it has got 3.6 star ratings on amazon.com with 833 customer reviews. So you can surely look out for this

particular product or any other of similar kind matching your requirements and search and thoroughly read the reviews before deciding to go for H2O Steam FX Pro or any other steam cleaner in that case.


H2O SteamFX Pro price
Buy H2O SteamFX Pro for 4 Payments of $29.95 USD Plus S&H $134.70 USD Pre-Tax Total Includes S&H at Official Website:steamfxpro.ca

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  1. Amaala Medina-Johnson | 1st June 2021 at 4:35 pm | Reply

    Due to the reviews, I will not be purchasing this item

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