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Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Compare what is it? Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
Hoover Cruise is a cordless ultra-light vacuum cleaner that delivers powerful vacuum cleaning, minus the hassle of a cord.

Dyson V6
Dyson V6 is a cordless vacuum with a motorized cleaner that provides Dyson suction power to clean all floor types, all without the mess of a cord.

Compare what to expect? Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
Hoover Cruise vacuum cleaner provides powerful cleaning while weighing less than five pounds, making it easy to clean up, down and all over. It goes from room to room and cleans both hard floors as well as carpets thanks to its multi-floor cleaning performance.

Dyson V6
The vacuum cleaner has a motorized cleaner head that cleans any type of floor. The stiff nylon bristles of Dyson V6 capture deep-seated dirt from carpets, while the carbon filaments eliminate fine dust from hard floors. The bristles also cover full width so that you get edge-to-edge cleaning. The vacuum delivers continuous suction up to 20 minutes with the battery power being used only for cleaning. Its trigger releases instantaneously.

Compare what surfaces does it clean? Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
The cleaner cleans hard flooring, area rugs, as well as low pile carpeting. The long slim pole of Hoover Cruise extends your reach for cleaning shelves and ceiling fans.

Dyson V6
With its motorized cleaner head, Dyson V6 can clean all floor types. Its stiff nylon bristles get rid of embedded dirt from carpets and the carbon fiber filaments eradicate fine dust from hard floors.

Compare runtime before charging: Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
30 minutes

Dyson V6
Approximately 20 minutes

Compare how long it takes to charge fully: Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
Initial required charge time of the battery is 8 hours, thereon after 5 hours.

Dyson V6
3.5 hours

Compare Cleaning Tools: Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
Dusting Brush
Crevice Tool
Pet/Stair Tool
Articulating Dusting Brush
Upholstery tool

Dyson V6
It has a motorized head to clean all floor types, stiff nylon bristles to remove dirt from carpets, and carbon fiber filaments to eliminate fine dust from hard floors.

Compare Filter: Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
Reusable Filter

Dyson V6
Washable lifetime filters

Compare Cleaning Head: Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Cruise
Smaller head

Dyson V6
Motorized head

Compare REVIEW: Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6


Dyson V6 review states that it would die after holding charge for just 5 minutes after a mere 3 weeks of using. Thereafter, it conked out completely and could not be returned.

Dyson V6 review calls it a poorly-designed model. Even an article larger than a pencil eraser sticks between the filter and jams the system. The cleaner is completely useless and a waste of money.

Dyson V6 review complains that the battery dies even before vacuuming two small rooms. Even though it claims to have the Dyson Suction Power, it is good enough only for quick jobs or 15-minutes of use.

Dyson V6 review reveals that its regular setting fails to pick up even tiny things like dog hair or dried leaf. One needs to run it on Turbo setting all the time, which does have ample power to function well but drains the battery in just 8-10 minutes and then takes a long time to charge. A user has to race through the house to finish up cleaning before it shuts off.

Dyson V6 review discloses that it doesn’t work 95% of the time after 2 months. It switches on and off intermittently similar to when its battery is dying. It doesn’t work even after taking it apart and cleaning it well. The design is extremely disappointing and Dyson refuses to honor its warranty.

Dyson V6 review says that its battery stopped charging after using it for 5 months. The charging indicator does light up to show that it’s charging but the vacuum doesn’t charge completely. One cannot hit it to the max button. Till it started giving trouble, the cleaner worked very well.

Dyson V6 review states that its primary problem is the exhaust that blows hot air on the user till it’s in use, which can be very bothersome. Another problem is its design. Although the vacuum cleaner is claimed to be lightweight, it is awkward to use all its weight is concentrated in the handheld portion, while the tube or roller piece is light and flimsy. This makes it feel like holding 8 lbs in the hand. Nevertheless, the cleaner does vacuum quite well, but not markedly better than other vacuums on the market that are without these problems.

Dyson V6 review says that it does not pick up fine particles too well. Its battery is extremely short-lived at less than 10 minutes when fully charged. The cleaner is not usable on living room rug since it sucks the rug surface and the wand does not move backward and forward. It’s thus useless in vacuuming the rug.

Dyson V6 review points out that it does not work on shag rugs or shag carpet as the spinner brush stops spinning.

Dyson V6 review divulges that it is disappointing and every part is made of cheap plastic. The cleaner is priced steeply. The battery disconnects and falls on the floor if the hand bumps it accidentally.

Dyson V6 review complains that it overheats and shuts down every time it’s used. The cleaner is heavy, noisy, and doesn’t hold a charge. It delivers great suction for up to 7 minutes, unlike the 20 minutes as advertised.

Dyson V6 review exposes that the problem is in the charging connection. The motor on the brush head broke after using for just 2 months, and it’s useless without the brush. For an expensive cleaner it is poor-quality. The cleaner shuts down after using for barely two minutes. The suction wheel fails to spin and needs to be dismantled constantly. Unlike what’s advertised, it’s not carpet-friendly.

Dyson V6 review claims that it’s not meant for big houses since the battery barely lasts for 10 minutes. The canister needs to be emptied after cleaning every room. Cleaning the vacuum itself is time-consuming. It’s not the ideal cleaner if one has pets and kids.

Dyson V6 review states that after vacuuming an entire area, it became apparent that it wasn’t picking anything up because the door wasn’t completely closed. Though the regular suction speed mode lasts a long time, the max mode delivers cleaning for just a few minutes. This is enough to pick up small and isolated debris and not the whole house.

Dyson V6 review criticizes it for doing a poor job of picking up long hair. It’s also very expensive and has short battery life and too loud on max power. It does not have HEPA filter and needs and the brush head roller cannot be turned off.

Dyson V6 review says that the On/Off button is so poorly designed that it can result in a blister on the index finger. The finger starts burning and paining in just a couple of minutes of using it and one needs to switch hands to prevent this.

Dyson V6 review reveals that it causes scratches on hardwood. All the same, it is lightweight and well-designed.


Hoover Cruise REVIEW

Hoover Cruise review says that its runtime is good, but suction is just about passable. The biggest concern is its main vacuum head that’s cheaply constructed and jams with pet hair easily.

Hoover Cruise review reveals that debris such as dust, paper scrapes, etc stick in the spinner of the unit and need to be cleared manually. The attachments don’t release at the attachment side, and one needs to use both hands to hold the unit and release them. It’s pointless that the cleaner does not have a release mechanism on the attachments and but has it on the unit.

Hoover Cruise review rues that it’s not as strong as it should have been.
Hoover Cruise review complains that its head swivels sharply and too quickly making maneuverability difficult. The rollers are too small because of which it’s not ideal for thick carpets. The cleaner could do with minor improvements. The instructions for assembling and disassembling the dust collection cup are incomplete.

Hoover Cruise review points out that the main unit was a little heavier than expected. One has to careful while grabbing the handle to remove or replace the main unit from or to the wall mount as it tends to switch on.
Hoover Cruise review says that it would have been better if battery lasted longer.

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