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Hoover Impulse vs Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Compare what’s special about it? Hoover Impulse vs Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Impulse is a cordless vacuum featuring enhanced swivel steering helping to effectively tackle unexpected messes on any surface. There is also removable handheld vacuum and an assortment of tools that makes it ideal for quick pickups and access hard to reach areas like corners and crevices. Designed with a powerful, fade-free lithium ion battery, this vacuum offers fast, powerful cleaning with cordless versatility.

Hoover Impulse

Hoover Cruise is a cordless ultra-light vacuum that makes it easier than ever to clean up, down and all-around. With multi-floor cleaning performance, you can move from room to room, cleaning both hard floors and carpet.

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6 is a cordless vacuum that offers Dyson suction power without the hassle of a cord and is suitable for use on all floor types.

Dyson V6

Compare what to expect? Hoover Impulse vs Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Impulse
It is cordless making it easy to tackle unexpected messes on multiple surfaces. Its lightweight & steerable design makes it easy to manoeuvre under and around furniture. It’s great for multi-floor cleaning and its fade-free lithium battery offers long lasting cordless power. It also conveniently detaches for quick pickups and access into tight spaces and its Easy Empty Dirt Cup releases dirt with the push of a button.

Hoover Cruise
It lets you clean high and low with ease and also manoeuvres around tight turns and furniture. It effectively moves from hard floors to carpets for and its removable handheld vacuum tackles small messes and tight spaces. It is also a great upholstery tool with soft rubber edges to lift and remove pet hair and dust from sofas and other upholstery.

Dyson V6
Cord-free and ergonomically designed, Dyson V6 offers up to 20 minutes of continuous suction and its battery power is only used for cleaning.

Its motorized cleaner head cleans all floor types, its stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets and carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors. Bristles cover its full width, allowing edge-to-edge cleaning.

Compare Surfaces it cleans: Hoover Impulse vs Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Impulse – Multi-floor cleaning- great for hard floors and area rugs.

Hoover Cruise – Multi floor capabilities – transition from hard flooring to area rugs and low pile carpeting with just the push of a button.

Dyson V6 – Cleans all floor types including hard floors

Compare Battery

Hoover Impulse – Fade-Free Lithium Battery of 24 volt.

Hoover Cruise – 1 Lithium ion battery of 22 volts

Dyson V6 – 1 Lithium ion battery

Compare Runtime

Hoover Impulse – 18 minutes

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6 – Up to 20 minutes

Compare Brush Speed

Hoover Impulse – Two – Speed

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6

Compare Charging Time

Hoover Impulse – 3-4 hours

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6

Compare Cleaning Path Width

Hoover Impulse – 9.5 In

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6 – Bristles cover its full width, allowing edge-to-edge cleaning.

Corded or Cordless

Hoover Impulse – Cordless

Hoover Cruise – Cordless

Dyson V6 – Cordless

Compare Dirt cup Capacity

Hoover Impulse – .4 Litres

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6

Compare Cleaning Head

Hoover Impulse – Yes

Hoover Cruise – Yes

Dyson V6 – Motorized cleaner head for all floor types

Compare Suction Power

Hoover Impulse

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6 – 100 AW

Compare Filtration

Hoover Impulse – Rinseable

Hoover Cruise

Dyson V6 – Washable lifetime filter

Compare Cleaning: Hoover Impulse vs Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Impulse – Powerful cleaning with cordless versatility

Hoover Cruise – Reach anywhere cleaning – long slim pole reaches up high for cleaning shelves and ceiling fans and 2 in 1- Removable hand vac is great for cleaning small messes and tight spaces.

Dyson V6 – Stiff nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt from carpets. Carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust from hard floors. Bristles cover its full width, allowing edge-to-edge cleaning.

Compare Price

Hoover Impulse – $129.99 or 3 interest-free payments of $44.

Hoover Cruise – $130.48

Dyson V6 – $181

Compare Warranty

Hoover Impulse – 2-Year Limited Warranty

Hoover Cruise – 2-Year Limited Warranty

Dyson V6 – 2-Year Limited Warranty

Compare Pros and Cons: Hoover Impulse vs Hoover Cruise vs Dyson V6

Hoover Impulse Pros
Lena Hall says the Hoover Impulse is easy to maneuverer and gets the job done.

Rhonda Smith writes- “It is easy to set up, it holds the storage hook/charging port to convenient spot on my office wall. Pick up on hardwood is a “breeze” and carpet pick up is “better than expected”.

Joan Swanson states the vacuum is easy to assemble and it is multifunctional and versatile.

Olive Lopez, another user, says- “It’s lightweight, I found it easy to control. The controls are up top and when turned on, the battery level is displayed. There are also buttons for hard floor and boost mode. For light, surface cleaning in some small or hard to reach spaces this works well and is comfortable to use.”

Charlotte Floyd says it’s lightweight enough so her kids can grab it off the wall and quickly clean up their messes. She never had the battery give out before she was done using it (typically for five minute jobs).

Hoover Impulse Cons
Denise Flores claims that it’s kind of unstable, so after vacuuming is finished it needs to be attached to something or laid flat on the floor.

Lois Cobb complains that its electric, but it did give off some smell when she vacuumed. She also found that she needs to hold on to the power trigger when vacuuming (since the trigger needs to be squeezed to turn the vacuum on, but when it’s released it turns the vacuum off).

Stephanie Mathis writes its fine for table crumbs and entryway dirt, but for deep cleaning the crevices and corners it doesn’t work well. It’s really important to clean the filter and upper-housing very thoroughly every use. Otherwise it will get really plugged up and do nothing for you.

Hoover Cruise Pros
Colleen Soto writes- “Dumping the dirt and removing/cleaning the bin is fairly easy. Battery life is also pretty good.

Hoover Cruise Cons
Shirley Frazier says it does a decent job of quick, easy cleaning but it’s fairly low on suction power so anything more than light dirt or crumbs tends to be a challenge.

Mable Quinn states – “Construction wise it’s kind of a let-down. The power head is a pain to use forward as it flops all over the place. Also it needs a velvet spacer pad like others have so it doesn’t suck itself to the floor. The connections themselves are also a bit flimsy and tend to wobble.

Emma Ray mentions that it makes a decent light duty vac, but not to expect it to pick up larger/heavier messes and it’s definitely not qualified to be your one and only vac. For quick ‘shoe dirt’ and kid messes it fits the bill (hard floors and very low carpet only).

Leigh Herrera complains it has continued to degrade in terms of suction and requires you to run over a spot about 4 times to pick up anything more substantial then dust.

Agnes Warner writes- “After 7 months the vacuum won’t turn off and just continuously run until it is out of battery. I don’t have the trigger activated and the trigger is not locked to the “ON” position by the lever. Even without squeezing the lever, the vacuum just keep running and running and won’t stop”.

Dyson V6 Pros
Tamara Lawrence says- “It’s a fantastic mobile cleaner that works fairly well. It’s great for cleaning up hard floors. It picks up dust, hair and small bits but for larger pieces (like clay cat litter) it struggles. It does have the “max” option which helps but it will drain the battery very quickly”.

Desiree Hanson states- “Its mobility makes up for its lack of power. You can just grab it and go anywhere to clean up messes rather than having to lug around a standard vacuum which makes it worth it”.

Dyson V6 Cons

Renee Reynolds writes- “Works pretty well! Lightweight, but feels a little unbalanced, as most of the weight is in your hand. I only wish this had a lock-on power position. Holding down the trigger to stay engaged gets a little tiresome when vacuuming larger areas. It doesn’t really pick anything else besides loose dirt and hair”.

Ida Taylor complains that the canister is relatively small so you will need to dump it pretty much each time. It only collects loose dirt and hair.

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