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Hurricane Blue Blast REVIEW

Hurricane Blue Blast has earned positive reviews from most of the customers who’ve used it. Even the elderly who have used Hurricane Blue Blast seem to like it as they feel it cleaning even bathrooms has never been so easy and convenient for them. Customers really like the three different bristle heads it has as it gives them better options while cleaning. They find all the bristle heads of Hurricane Blue Blast effective and easy to use, and although some think they splash the cleaning solution around a bit, it can be prevented by creating your own splatter guard.

One of the customers has even stated that he can’t think of giving Hurricane Blue Blast less than five stars. He thinks these brushes are exceptionally good as they have helped him clean mildew stains on the grout in my bathroom which no other cleaner ever could. He finds all the three brushes of the Hurricane Blue Blast perfectly suitable to clean different parts of his bathroom, including glass shower doors.

Another elderly gentleman who’s been cleaning his home and bathroom using traditional methods and wasn’t too keen on using Hurricane Blue Blast says his view now has totally changed. He was taken aback when he saw how effortless and quick it was to clean his bathroom with Hurricane Blue Blast. He finds every corner and every surface squeaky clean with a fraction of effort he’s always made so far. However, he thinks that the biggest brush of his Hurricane Blue Blast is not very easy to handle. He has to hold on to it firmly while cleaning and makes him wish that its bristles were stiffer.

Most people also find the price of the Hurricane Blue Blast quite reasonable, which is one more reason they prefer it now. They are happy with most aspects of the Hurricane Blue Blast. They have written about some areas where it can do with some improvisation. For instance, some find the angles of the brushes need to be altered in order to access every part of the bathroom. One of them thinks that cleaning with Hurricane Blue Blast should take lesser time than it does. Further, a couple of users have said that the brush with black bristles isn’t as sturdy as it should be. They feel it will break if the brushed is used for cleaning for a longer time.

Feedback coming in for the biggest brush of the Hurricane Blue Blast from more customers also point out to the same issue. Some users also think that the bristles need to be more spongy so that the cleaning solution can be applied to surfaces for deeper cleaning better while another customer says all the three brushes of the Hurricane Blue Blast should be ‘centered better’ and should be provided with have an attachment to swerve the brushes back and forth instead of rotating.

Other than these issues, Hurricane Blue Blast has been appreciated for working well on cleaning build up on tiles, wood and even metal.

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