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Power Prime REVIEW

What is Power Prime?

It is a light cordless battery-operated vacuum cleaner. The special features of the Power Prime Vac are:

Detachable Rechargeable Battery – The battery can be separated from the main Vacuum Cleaner and charged separately through a compact docking station. This is particularly useful for those who have space constraint. You can also buy a new battery and just plug it in and the Power Prime is ready to do the cleaning.

Charging Station – The Power Prime vac comes with a compact docking cum charging station so you don’t have to put the entire vac cleaner to charge the battery. Just charge the docking cum charging station, then remove the battery from the Power Prime Vac and attach it to the docking station to charge it.

The hinge Joint – The Power Prime vacuum cleaner features hinge joint that allows you to vacuum tight spaces like under the cupboard, or any other hard to reach places saving you all the trouble of bending and straining your back.

Powerful Suction – The makers of the Power Prime Vac Cleaner claim it to be a very powerful vacuum that is powered by a 2150 milliamp battery that claims to lift a debris as heavy as 50 lbs. The manufacturer of Power Prime Vac claim that unlike other cordless vac, Power Prime can lift all the debris in just one pass.

Charge Indicator – The Power Prime Vac features a Charge Indicator LED light that tells you how much juice is still left in the battery.

Cleaning Head – The Power Prime vac has a cleaning head that houses a brush that rotates at 3000 RPM.

Filtration – The Power Prime Vac Cleaner has a 2 stage filtration to make sure none of the debris leaks out of the container.

Price: Power Prime Vac is priced at $120 and is available at BuyPowerPrime.com


Power Prime Vac REVIEW

Ok, now that we have seen all the high flying claims of the Power Prime vacuum cleaner, now lets see if the vacuum is really what they claim it to be.

Disadvantages of Power Prime Vac

Being a CORDLESS vac, Power Prime inherits the disadvantages associated with a cordless vac, these disadvantages are:

Poor Run-time
– All cordless vacs have a shorter run-time than the corded ones, so these vacs are not suited for cleaning larger areas that require long duration. Typically a cordless vacuum runs for 20 to 40 minutes before requiring to charge the batteries.

Poor suction – no matter how powerful battery the Power Prime vac has, it will never match the suction power of a corded vac.

Inconsistent Suction – All cordless vacuums tend to loose suction as the battery drains down and Power Prime is no exception to this.

Long Charging Duration – Cordless vacs take very long time to charge. This time can vary from 5 hours to 8 hours. So you have to wait for such long periods between your cleaning sessions.

Not suited for Carpets – Because Power Prime is a cordless vacuum, it would not clean your carpet that efficiently than a corded one.

Smaller Bin – Cordless vac like Power Prime usually have a small dirt container that fills up pretty fast and is required to be emptied too frequently. Also the dirt from the overfilled bin tends to leak which may not be good for allergy sufferers.

Our Verdict on Power Prime

We do not recommend buying the Power Prime vacuum cleaner. There is a lot of information that they do not disclose like the dustbin capacity, filtration, cleaning head details, charging time, run-time etc. This is because the Power Prime vac does not score over its competitor’s in these areas. The Power Prime vac is not suited for “hardcore” vacuuming, and just ok for lighter jobs, but considering the price ($120) it would be a costly investment for doing small cleaning jobs.

If your living place is small with a lot of tight spaces to clean, we would suggest buying a robotic vacuum instead of this one.

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