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Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Compare what is it? Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac – It is supposedly the most advanced home-health technology machine designed as a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, wet/dry vac, leaf blower, aromatizer/deodorizer, and inflator/deflator all rolled into one. Its chief function is to clean dirt and germs impeccably through rigorous processing of water.

Rainbow Vacuum – It is a sophisticated vacuum to clean your home with the innovative mobilization of water. It aims to cleanse the surroundings of all the unclean elements in a natural way.

Sirena – It is a vacuum designed to help you purify your surroundings through an exclusive water-based filtration system.


Compare what to expect? Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac – One can look forward to a natural and wholesome treatment with this machine as it uses no HEPA, sponge, foam or paper filters that create mess and clogging. The vacuum is designed in such a way that it retains the momentum and power or airflow consistently which allows it to use fresh water just like a filter. Since Quantum Vac requires no components like filters, sponge, etc., it does away with the hassle of dealing with clogged filters, maintaining them and also replacing the vacuum cleaner every three years or so. Quantum Vac employs Patented Micro-Silver technology that has been put through stringent test in the laboratory which has proven that it indeed reduces bacteria, germs, mould, and fungi by more than 99%.

Rainbow Vacuum – This vacuum cleaner by Rexair is projected as perfect for people who suffer from allergies. It is basically a water and HEPA filter system which guarantees unparalleled cleaning of the air you breathe at home.

Sirena – It’s a vacuum that claims it works naturally by using water as its filter. It employs separator technology that forces air into water while keeping dirt from entering back into the air. Here, dirt is trapped in the water, which cleans air flawlessly. The implement ensures that water processed by it doesn’t clog the way bags and filters normally do. Sirena works on a quiet mode and also removes unpleasant smells from the surroundings.


Compare Special Features: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac

Micro Silver Technology to diminish bacteria

Equipped to offer protection from toxins, pathogens, germs and other harmful elements

Built-in timer

Offers cleaning for duration ranging from 15 minutes that can be increased up to 2 hours

Versatile Design

Able to access places that other vacuum cleaners cannot

Strong and durable

Stainless steel tubing and top grade wire hose

Safe for everyone

Adaptable detachable cord

Easy to store


Rainbow Vacuum

Uses exclusive technology, Wet Dust Can’t Fly® for obtaining water-washed air

Double cleaning by means of water filtration system trapping dirt and HEPA filter capturing microscopic particles

Special Hurricane® motor

Ergonomic handle grip for accurate control over powered accessories

Travel lightly, rubberized bumper to protect walls and furniture from scratches

On-Board LED headlights incorporated

Guarantees complete wall-to-wall cleaning

Extra ZVac attachments for cleaning pet hair

10-year motor warranty (offered by third party home warranty company)



Safe for carpets and bare floors

Uses sophisticated water based filtration technology to capture dirt wholly

Has no bags or dust cups to prevent clogging

Special baffle at the back of intake port to keep bulky rubble away from separator

Baffle designed to pour only water down a drain and capturing pet hair and big dust particles.

Wide range of fragrances or Ocean Breeze deodorizer for removal of common household stenches

Doubles as a vaporizer with Eucalyptus oil added to water

Superior horse hair bristles for attracting dust while cleaning gently

Easy to remove bristles ideal for wet cleaning and easy replacement

HEPA filter to capture non water soluble materials

1.200 watt dual speed Italian-made motor

Warranty of 10 years


Compare Filters: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac – Fresh water used as filter

Rainbow Vacuum – Uses HEPA filter

Sirena – Uses HEPA filter


Compare Design: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac

Versatile design that guarantees access to hard to each places

Rainbow Vacuum

Rubberized bumper to protect walls and furniture from damage

Circulating Active-Edge brushes that reach hard to access debris


Designed to offer maneuverability and constancy

Four wheels devised to turn complete 360 degrees for easy movement while cleaning

Removable caddy


Compare Power: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac – 800W

Rainbow Vacuum – Not mentioned

Sirena – 1200 watts


Does it have an Air Purifier?

All three- Quantum Vac, Rainbow Vacuum and Sirena have an air purifier


Does it have HEPA Filter?

Quantum Vac – Yes, it does

Rainbow Vacuum – No, it doesn’t

Sirena – Not mentioned


Compare Price: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac – $498

Rainbow Vacuum – Not mentioned

Sirena – $889.00


Compare Warranty: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac – 5 years

Rainbow Vacuum – 10-year motor warranty from third party, home warranty company only (not a Rainbow Rexair warranty)

Sirena – 10-year motor warranty, 3-year parts warranty and 1 year labour warranty


Compare REVIEWS: Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena

Quantum Vac Pros

Quantum Vac is not only compact and handy but also quieter, which guarantees peace of mind along with great results. The vacuum also comes with an exceptionally powerful suction, which is a very important factor one must consider while buying a vacuum cleaner.

Quantum Vac also offers matchless ‘air sterilizing’ feature, which assures you of fresh air that is also filtered.


Quantum Vac Cons

Some customers have expressed sheer disappointment after using Quantum Vac. One user has complained that she’s used it just five times and she’s already exasperated with it. Its power head doesn’t function consistently and the reset button is of no use. Though cleaning with Quantum Vac was initially good for her despite these issues, she wishes she’d bought another brand instead.

Some users have commented that Quantum Vac keeps shutting down suddenly without indicating an error message after it’s used for some time. They think it could be either when the water turns dirty or due to overheating. However, after it shuts down Quantum doesn’t display any errors.

Some think that Quantum Vac has a faulty design, doesn’t function well as it lacks an exhaust filter while others consider it a malfunctioning machine. Some also find its basic functions like suction weak. It just blows lightweight fragments around on carpets instead of picking them up. It is also not provided with a height adjustment attachment nor any special carpet attachments.

One customer has said that its tube connector which is plugged to its body is rather droopy. Another issue pointed out by other dissatisfied customers is that no manual is provided. Others find it expensive and not worth for what it’s priced.


Rainbow Vacuum Pros

According to a considerable number of users, Rainbow Vacuum doubles as an excellent air purifier. Others think that it does a very good job of cleaning, especially removing pet hair and dust without forcing them back into the air. Many customers are happy as with Rainbow Vacuum they don’t have to purchase vacuum filters. Also, its carpet attachment has a hand control so operating it is even easier. Most customers are also happy with the warranty provided on its purchase.

Rainbow Vacuum Cons

Rainbow Vacuum, according to quite a few users, isn’t that good at cleaning fast. Since it has a big cord, it keeps getting entangled, and the so-called bonus attachments provided don’t work. Many users think that the Rainbow Vacuum is priced too high.

Its mechanism is also not up to the mark as cleaning it is very difficult and time-consuming. It is also rather heavy, due to which moving it around gets difficult.


Sirena Pros

The vacuum motor of Sirena is excellent. Since its cord is very long (23ft), it offers great mobility while cleaning as one can clean larger areas without having to plug it in different sockets. Sirena is also very quiet, so there’s no irritation or disturbance as there’s hardly any noise generated. It does not generate any dust either, so it is safe for use for those suffering from asthma or allergies. Its floor piece (power nozzle) is also easy to move while vacuuming surfaces like carpet.


Sirena Cons

One of the problems with Sirena is the inferior quality of the pedal provided at its back to release the water container. Several customers have complained that it broke within a month. Also, the belt on the rug brush keeps sliding and dropping off repeatedly. Some users who use it every week have said that in a year, the belt was shredded. There’s no replacement for it in the market.

Further, its rug brush is on a wooden spool and is held with cheap plastic clips, due to which it bursts open and falls. The body of Sirena is also made of substandard material, which make it bulky and oversized. Some users also find Sirena quite loud.

According to some customers, the images and description of this vacuum cleaner indicate that the power nozzle is also supplied with it. However, it wasn’t included in their unit, and all they got were a hose and some attachments. Its mechanism is also found to be rather complex
by some users as the package includes 15 pieces, excluding including the hose cover that is to be removed for use.

5 Comments on "Quantum Vac vs Rainbow Vacuum vs Sirena"

  1. There is a reference of a hepa filter under the rainbow details. Then in summary, it states that the rainbow does not have a hepa filter as well.

    • Brett Klosterman | 9th March 2019 at 6:14 pm | Reply

      @Tanner Akhurst. I own a rainbow vacuum and there IS a hepa filter on it. It is an awesome machine and I have not found a vacuum like it. My mother in law borrows it from time to time and always tells me how shocked she is after using it in her home compared to her vacuum. After 20 years, the motor finally took a crap. It is $530 to replace it with a Rainbow factory motor. I am seriously considering it but I am looking into the Sirena as well.

  2. This website obviously has no idea what it’s talking about. Consistently contradicting itself and providing false information to consumers

  3. Lorie Salvador | 28th March 2020 at 5:35 am | Reply

    We purchased a rainbow vacuum 24 years ago and still functional. My husband has been using it to clean our cars as well. It’s purpose has been beyond exceptional. We have had 2 Kirby vacuums after we bought the rainbow. Both of the kirbys are now non functional but the rainbow vacuum stood still and completely functional. We are thinking of purchasing another rainbow so we don’t have to keep bringing the vacuum from the garage into the different parts of the house and vise versa. Currently I’m searching for rainbow vacuum and comparing it to Sirena.

  4. Can anyone possibly tell me which of these would be a better choice for someone who is completely blind, having no useable vision? I suffer from Hay-fever, and would really love a water filtration vacuum. However, the more I read about them and their attachments, the more I worry that I wouldn’t be able to manage one.
    Thanks for the help.

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