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Quantum Vacuum REVIEW

About Quantum Vacuum

Quantum Vacuum claims to be the smartest, most powerful and most effective vacuum ever! In ordinary vacuums, paper, foam, and HEPA filters are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs and if you don’t replace them regularly, filth and toxins get released back into your home whenever you clean! But the Quantum Vacuum alleges that its unique water filter filters dirt and debris so only clean, purified air flows out! Then simply empty the water for a fresh, almost new filter that gives you unstoppable airflow every time and never clogs.Such claim of the Quantum Vacuum does sound very helpful but does it work well is a question better left to Quantum Vacuum user reviews.



Quantum Vacuum CLAIMS

The Quantum Vacuum guarantees it is a 6-in-1 Powerhouse that can do it all! It promises to be a vacuum cleaner, air purifier, leaf blower, aromatizer/deodorizer, inflator/deflator and wet/dry vac. It does sound fanciful, only Quantum Vacuum reviews will expose it soon.


State of the Art Technology and Design
The Quantum Vacuum emphasizes that its Bacteria-Reducing MicroSilver Technology protects your family from toxins,pathogens, germs and more. Does it really work as promised? Quantum Vacuum reviews will soon reveal the facts.


Built-in Timer
The Built-in Timer alleges to purify the air in your home in 15 minute increments up to 2 hours.Does it really purify the air? This question can only be affirmed once we analyze Quantum Vacuum reviews.


Versatile Design
The Quantum Vacuum states that it is perfect to clean hard to reach places. Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Quantum Vacuum claims.
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What do I get?
Quantum Vacuum just for only $498 | Official Website: Quantumvac.com


Quantum Vac Questions and Answers

Q. I’d like to know if Quantum Vac is good at cleaning pet hair too. Thanks.
A. Not really. In fact, it can’t suck even 10% of pet hair as it has short bristles all over its tip, which actually shove fur away instead of pulling it. The vacuum cleaner cannot clean fur or hair unless the cleaning head is removed and the fur/hair is on soft surface.

Q. Can Quantum Vac clean up water?
A. It can clean water only in small quantity.

Q. Is Quantum Vac suitable for all floor surfaces such as floor, carpet, hardwood, etc.?
A: It is good at cleaning floor surfaces, but not really recommendable for carpets because its vacuum brush isn’t compatible for them. It doesn’t have a beater brush and is not self-propelled, but has bristles that slither up and down y and don’t really work.

Q. Can I use this vacuum to shampoo carpet?
A: No, it is not really designed to shampoo carpets, so you’ll have to look for other options for that.

Q. Can I use it as an air purifier?
A: Yes, you can, but it’s not very convenient to operate it for that.

Q. Does Quantum Vac come with filters for cleaning?
A: Not really; it has a base and not filter that holds water it uses for cleaning .

Q. Can I use this vacuum as a humidifier /diffuser as well?
A: No, it doesn’t.

Q. Does this vacuum come with an air purification feature with which it can operate on low power and pull in the air and remove the dust? Some vacuum cleaners have that feature.
A: No.

Q. Is Quantum Vac provided with a beater bar for carpet?
A. No, it’s not.


Quantum Vac Review

Naomi Estrada, who’s used Quantum Vac, has expressed in her review that initially when it arrived, she was happy but it conked off in just 10 minutes of use. She cleaned and refilled water in her Quantum Vac but it still did not start. She’s still wondering how a brand new machine can just stop working on the first day itself. She’s been very felt disappointed ever since and would not recommend it to anyone.

Darla Graham, another user who used Quantum Vac to clean her carpet has said in her review that she finds it tiring as it does not have a motor and does not record airflow. She also found airflow leakage on its hose at the edge where the hard plastic end meets the hose. She’s exasperated and feels that Quantum Vac is a complete waste of money.

Denise Clayton found Quantum Vac not a very perfectly designed cleaner. There is no way to push it over carpet while cleaning as it has no wheels and its hose is also difficult to use. Its handle is also not long enough, and even an adult has to struggle with it.

Verna Blair says in her Quantum Vac review she’s satisfied with its performance on hard wood floors, but overall, it is difficult to clean the house with it. She has to wash the inside and can just use the jet spray. Using Quantum Vac is not possible during winter for her.

Melba Owens says she gets tired of using Quantum Vac. She has to bend all the time to clean with this vacuum. Pet fur in her house clogged her Quantum Vac very soon. It does not hold four gallons of water also when cleaning, and although its motor keeps running the vacuuming function stops when the water level reaches a certain level. She is not happy with Quantum Vac and so won’t recommend it to anyone.

Daisy Aguilar finds Quantum Vac a weak machine. She thinks that its suction on the tile floor isn’t that great and the main attachment can’t pick up water easily. Its auto-rewind cord also does not work smoothly. According to her, its hose is very thin and dirt tends to get clogged very easily. She says she added a bag for extra filtration process but it still could not pick up dirt on the wood floor. Buying Quantum Vac has disappointed her.


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4 Comments on "Quantum Vacuum REVIEW"

  1. This is not accurate at all! all of these answers can’t be real because most are very incorrect!

  2. Hello Admin,

    We’d like to know where you got most of this information and reviews from. We are very attentive to our Quantum Family members and resolve issues in a timely manner to the customer’s satisfaction.

    The Quantum Vacuum is, in fact, incredible on pet hair as it has a motorized power head with a beater brush. The Quantum Vacuum can hold up to 2.5 quarts of liquid, and can clean up to that much off the floor as well. The Quantum’s air purifier has a built in timer that will automatically turn off the purifier when it runs out to conserve on electricity and because its 360 degree exhaust system will allow it to purify the whole home within the 2 hour limit. This air purifier runs on a lower speed than vacuuming mode and uses separator technology to remove dirt and dust from the air, and actually regulates the humidity in the air to around 55%.

    Please either update this review with correct information, or take it down entirely as you are falsely disparaging our product and company.

    Feel free to email me directly with any questions you may have: matthew@intellicleansolutions.com

    Best Regards,
    Matthew Cole
    Intelliclean Solutions, LLC.

  3. Quantum Vacuum | 23rd March 2018 at 9:08 pm | Reply


    We researched the customers that you have saying negative things and not one of them is a true customer or Quantum vacuum owner. Additionally, your review is full of errors relating to the Quantum Vacuum. We would more than happy to have a conversation with you to go over them in detail.

    Thank you

  4. Carole Arneson | 9th July 2021 at 1:32 am | Reply

    I did have to have the power head and power cord replaced, but it was done so without hesitation and promptly. So hopefully things should be working from now on. I also order the 3-pc kit which gives mem ore working tools, sooooooooo I don’t anticipate any further happenings.

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