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Sally Mop Review | Does the SallyMop.com Mop Really Work?

What is Sally Mop?

Sally Mop is an unique compact telescopic mop system with oval shaped wall mount storage system. Sally Mop is a more convenient and easy way of drying wet floors. Sally Mop has replaceable micro-fibre mop-head that does all the cleaning jobs. So what makes Sally Mop so special? the answer is its unique design that makes it storing easy. Yes, Sally Mop comes with an telescopic handle and an oval shaped wall mount to store the mop. The disadvantage of the traditional mops is that they are difficult to store, Sally Mop comes with its own “Wall Mount” for convenient storage. The telescopic handle makes it easy to tuck away the Sally mop in a drawer too!


Sally Mop Review | Does the SallyMop.com Mop Really Work?



How to Use the Sally Mop

  • Just Remove the Lid of the Oval Shaped Container
  • Take the Telescopic Mop out of the container, Open it Up
  • Mop & Dry Your Floors
  • When you are finished, simply wring out the water in the wringer
  • Lift up the base unit and dispose the water in the sink or toilet
  • Close the Telescopic Mop and store it back in the container


What does the Sally Mop System Consist Of?

  • 1 Telescopic Mop
  • 1 Wall Unit
  • 1 Base Unit
  • 1 Lid
  • 1 Wringer



Sally Mop Price

Sally Mop is priced at $29.99 + $6.99 S/h. You also have an option of ordering the second Sally Mop for an additional fee of $9.99, i.e you get 2 Sally Mops for $23.48. The Sally Mop is available only at the official website Sallymop.com.


Sally Mop Review

Advantages of Sally Mop

    Versatile Mop

    Sally Mop is versatile and can be used anywhere where you need to clean wet floors. The oval shaped container makes it easy to store the mop almost anywhere with even little amount of space. Got a big house? you can buy a couple of these Sally Mops and store one each in your bathroom, entry-ways, kitchen, garage, work-areas, stairs etc. The Sally Mop can be used on hardwood and tile surfaces. The Sally Mop soaks up the water pretty quickly and not just move it around.


    Works Fairly Well

    Reviewers mention that the Sally Mop scrubs well and is good at drying the floors. Works very well for wooden floor.



    Unique Design

    The unique collapsible design of the handle and the attractive container adds style to your house. The telescopic handle is a great alternative to the traditional bulky mops.


    Absorbent Mop head

    Sally Mop is a very thirsty mop. The Micro-fibres of the Sally Mop are more absorbent than the traditional cotton string mops which just move the dirt around. The micro-fibres absorb and lock dirt and moisture in the micro fibres. The micro-fibres are made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The micro-fibres also cover a larger area compared to the traditional mops. The Sally Mop cleans well without leaving a trail of water. According to the study published by American Journal of Infection Control, micro-fiber mops remove far more germs compared to the cotton-string mop. Micro-fibre mops like the Sally Mop are known to hold water volume that is six times the weight of the micro-fiber. The Sally Mop is easy to wring too.


Disadvantages of Sally Mop

    Expensive Mop

    Compared to the other micro-fibre mops, the Sally Mop is quite expensive. Other similar micro-fibre mops cost around $13 to $17 whereas the Sally Mop costs $23.48 [if you go for the Buy 1 Get 1 Offer].



    Short in Length

    The other downside of the Sally Mop is its length. User reviews mention that the length of the Sally Mop telescopic handle is shorter than the standard mop handle length. This makes it inconvenient to use for longer duration as you tend to bend when using the Sally Mop.


    Ok for Light Mopping

    Users complain that other mops which come with a “scratchy” attachment for removing stubborn dried food, Sally Mop lacks this feature and hence cannot be used to remove such muck. This makes the mop only okay for light mopping and drying the floor. The micro-fibers too are not very thick. Also there are a few complaints that say the mop becomes too stiff when wet. The Sally Mop [or any other micro-fiber mop] sticks to the floor and is difficult to move around, compared to cotton mop-head. the mop is hard to squeeze, some reviewers say.


    A Lot of Washing Restrictions

    The microfibre fabric of the Sally Mop may get damaged if you don’t follow proper washing instructions. The Sally Mop cannot be laundered with other fabric. The microfibre head of the Sally Mop cannot be washed in hot water.



    No Option to Buy Additional Mop-Heads

    You cannot buy additional mop-heads for your Sally Mops. Sally Mop is good mop but like all other mop-heads, the micro-fiber cleaning head deteriorates over time [which is like over a year] and then you cannot buy and extra mop-head. You have to buy a new mop.


    Streaks the Surface

    There are a few complaints of Sally Mop streaking the floors. Our product experts say that the streaking problem could not be because of the mop itself. Floors can leave streak marks if there is any loose dirt or dust on the floor. Suited for cleaning water spills only.


    Telescopic Mop Handle

    The telescopic handle of the Sally Mop is great feature as it helps you to store the mop conveniently, but the telescopic handle also has issues as it is not sturdy enough. One user review mentions that he is no longer able to extend the handle as it has got stuck. There are a few reviews that even mention about the handle coming apart! The telescopic mechanism of the mop handle reduces the life of the mop.


    Lacks the “Electrostatic” Feature

    Many similar mops out there in the market have dual features of cleaning liquid spills as well as dust absorption electrostatic feature. Since it lacks the electrostatic feature, the Sally Mop cannot be used to clean dirt, dust or pet hair.



Our Verdict

Sally Mop is a good microfibre mop but not the only microfibre mop in the market. There are several of these mops with telescopic handles. We recommend the “AKOMA Wet Mop” or the “FAYINA Premium Viscose Wet Mop”. The AKOMA Wet Mop is priced at $23 and comes with 3 washable heads. The AKOMA Mop can be used to clean dust and dirt given the electrostatic nature of the fabric.

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