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Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Compare Type:Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Shark Apex Uplight is a mains-powered (hence corded) Upright Vacuum with interchangeable heads. It can be used as a handheld vacuum as well as a stick vacuum.

Dyson V10 and V11 are both cordless (battery powered) Stick vacuum cleaners. It can also be used as a handheld vac to be used in home and car.

Compare Uses: Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Both Shark Apex Uplight and Dyson V10/V11 can be used on all the tiles, carpets/rugs, upholstery and drapery, stairs, crevices and more.

Verdict – Being cordless vacuum, V10/V11 can also be used in cars and can be carried to places where you don’t have power outlets. One the other hand Shark Apex Uplight being powered can be used in limited places with access to power. Dyson has edge over Shark Apex Uplight, here.

Compare Power: Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Shark Apex Uplight is a 700-watt vacuum cleaner, Dyson V10 boasts of 525-watts of Li-Ion power while Dyson V11 has 630-watts of power, that is 20% more power than the Dyson V10.

Verdict – It is obvious that Shark Apex Uplight scores over the cordless Dysons with its 700-watt power.

Compare Suction: Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Shark Apex Uplight has a suction power 66 CFM, V10 is rated at 41 CFM and V11 has a suction power of 59 CFM. It is obvious that corded vacuum cleaner are going to have more suction than the cordless vacuums. Also it is observed that cordless vacuums have inconsistent suction.

Verdict – Shark Apex Uplight has an edge over the Dyson when it comes to suction .

Compare Runtime: Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Shark Apex Uplight since it is supplied with continuous power can run for a long time until the motor shuts off automatically. While the Dyson V10 and V11 being battery powered have limited runtime as compared to the Shark. Dyson V10 and V11 has a runtime of 60 minutes (with un-powered tools).

Verdict – Again Shark Apex Uplight wins here, Dysons take 3 to 4 hours to charge the batteries after they drain out.

Compare FREE Tools: Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Shark Apex Uplight comes with 2 tools, a duster crevice tool that lets you dust between gaps. the second Shark tool is the Pet multi-tool that consists of a pet brush that is helpful in picking pet hairs from carpets, and upholstery tool to pick up fine hair off sensitive surfaces such as couches.

Dyson V10/V11 come with a Combination Tool that collects solid garbage, suck in bigger objects and features brushes to scrub and sweep dust. The Dyson Vacs also have a Crevice Tool that is perfect for cleaning between furniture and corner. A Mini Soft Dusting Brush that has gentle bristles for dusting furniture around the house. The most important of the Dyson tools is the Mini Motorized Tool which has its own power is made to get tougher jobs done, like remove pet hair from upholstery and confined places.

Verdict – Dyson with its 3 FREE tools is a clear winner here. The motorized mini tools makes all the difference.

Compare Cleaning Heads: Shark Apex Uplight vs Dyson

Shark Apex Uplight comes with self cleaning DuoClean duo brushrolls that pick large and small particles on carpet as well as floors. Dyson V10 and V11 come with 2 motorized heads – i) Torque Drive Cleaner motorized cleaner head removes stubborn dust from carpets. ii) Soft Roller motorized Cleaner that captures large debris from floor. The brush bar is covered in soft nylon that is gently on your floors. Anti-static carbon filaments remove fine dust from floors.

Verdict – With their two motorized cleaning heads, Dysons have a clear edge over the Shark Apex Uplight vacuum. If your house has carpets and a lot of pets then Dysons are for you.

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