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Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Compare what is it? Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Shark Genius, Lift Away, Bissell Symphony, and Shark Pro are steam pocket mop systems that are designed to use steam to clean up various types of floors such as hard floors and tiles. They use steam power instead of any chemical to remove stuck on dirt, pick debris, and sanitize the floors. These systems are designed in a compact shape for easy and stress-free handling.

Shark Genius comes with a Direct Channeling system that delivers the steam directly on stains for better effectiveness. It also features next-gen technologies such as touch-free, dirt grip pads, and steam blaster.

Lift Away is a 2-in-1 system that can be used as a full-sized cleaner or turned into a handheld steamer. It comes with a lightweight, detachable canister for easy cleaning. Its Intelligent Steam Control has three power settings that provide steam for mopping, dusting, or scrubbing effortlessly.

Apart from regular steam cleaning, Bissell Symphony also has a pet vacuum that helps in cleaning pet hair along with dirt, dust, and debris.

Shark Pro offers 3 different levels of steam control and re-usable microfiber pockets for targeting various type of messes. It can sanitize delicate sealed hardwood floors, scrub tougher floors, and remove stuck-on messes on tiles swiftly with each of these settings.


Compare what is it good for Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro


Shark Genius – This cleaner comes with a touch-free technology that releases and attaches the Dirt Grip Pad instantly. The pad itself is super absorbent and is woven to lift and lock dirt. It uses the powerful burst of steam to swipe away tough, stuck-on messes even from grout lines, crevices, and corners. Once done, the pad dries quickly for reuse later.

Lift Away – It works on both bare floors as well as carpets for easy cleaning. Lift Away features a 25-foot long power cord that makes it easy to cover larger areas in one go. There are many attachments available with this steamer such as pet tool, crevice tool, appliance wand, extension hose, and a garment steamer to perform multiple jobs.

Bissell Symphony – The touch digital controls on this steamer switch it from being a vacuum and a steam cleaner instantly. It comes with various mop pads for different purposes. A washable mop can be used to clean everyday messes, disposable Swiffer for cleaning tougher messes, and a throwaway steam boost mop pad for cleaning pet messes.

Shark Pro – This steamer has variable steam control so the user can adjust its flow as per their cleaning requirement. Shark Pro features washable microfiber pads that are designed to lift and lock dirt that regular mops leave behind. Each pad dries quickly after use and can last for up to 20 washes.

Verdict – All four steamers, Shark Genius, Lift Away, Bissell Symphony and Shark Pro are comparable but Shark Genius is a little costlier for features available in other steamers as well. Shark Pro, on the other hand, has great features that come at a comparatively low price. Users can go for it if they are looking for an all in one deal at a lesser price. Lift Away and Bissell Symphony is very much head-to-head since they come with similar price and specifications. Lift Away is better for those looking to vacuum various types of floors and even steam garments. For those looking at a steamer for cleaning pet messes as well, Bissell Symphony is the recommended one.


Compare Features Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Shark Genius – It has a touch-free technology for hassle-free cleaning. Shark Genius can sanitize sealed hard floors and clean it with its uniquely designed dirt grip pad. The steam blaster is perfect for attacking tough, greasy, and stuck-on messes. It’s 3 setting intelligent steam control provides a chance to select the right amount of steam depending on the cleaning task.

Lift Away – This vacuum promises to provide a 99.9% sanitization on hard floors without using harsh chemicals. The double-sided washable steam pocket along with two quick-release mop heads cleans large areas quickly and thoroughly. The quick-release system makes it touch-free for adding or removing the pad. The 2-in-1 steam pocket mop can be turned into a handheld steamer for smaller cleaning jobs. The 3 level intelligent systems can be used to dust, mop, or scrub as per the cleaning need.

Bissell Symphony – This steamer comes with a 5-way adjustable handle and a Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray. Its Easy Touch Digital Controls helps in switching to various tasks and steam level to vacuum debris and steaming hard floors at the same time. Its disposable mop pad cleans pet messes as well and leaves behind a fresh, open-window scent behind. It has an improved suction power that can pick up smallest of pet hair inside the room.

Shark Pro – It has 2 quick release mop heads that can clean large areas easily. With double-sided cleaning ability, the mop cleans, sanitizes, and dries quickly. Users also can choose the right amount of steam with the help of its Intelligent Steam Control features.


Compare Surfaces it works on Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

These steamers, Shark Genius, Lift Away, Bissell Symphony, and Shark Pro can be easily used on bare and hard floors, sealed hardwood floors, and ceramic tiles. It is recommended to test an isolated area of the floor before beginning to understand its effectiveness.

Shark Pro and Lift Away also work on sealed laminate and marbles as well. It is not meant for surfaces that are treated with wax since the sheen might go away due to heat and steam action.

For those looking to clean various types of surfaces, Lift Away and Shark Pro offers more options. For limited usage, go for Shark Genius or Bissell Symphony.


Compare Does it clean carpet? Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Lift Away and Shark Pro don’t clean carpets but can groom and freshen it up by attaching Carpet Glider on its All-Purpose Head and using the Scrub setting for lightly steaming carpets and rugs.

Bissell Symphony can clean carpets in its vacuum mode. If you have a carpet or rug, Bissell Symphony is clearly the best choice amongst all of them.


Compare Is it good for pet owners Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

All four of them, Shark Genius, Lift Away, Bissell Symphony, and Shark Pro is suitable for pet owners.


Compare How it is powered Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro


These vacuums are all powered by electricity.


Compare Water tank capacity Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro


Shark Genius – 350 ml

Lift Away – 300 ml

Bissell Symphony – 380 ml

Shark Pro – 500 ml

The water tank capacity requirement varies from individual to individual. If you have a larger area to clean and prefer cleaning in one go, a larger tank capacity is better. A small size water tank is fine for smaller spaces and personal cleaning. Do note that smaller tanks require a frequent refill of water tank if used for larger cleaning areas and can be time consuming or inconvenient to use.


Compare Cleaning Pads Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Lift Away and Shark Pro, both have Dirt Grip pads that are made using microfiber and high absorbency rate. It can be machine washed with warm water and liquid detergent. Once done, they can be line dried or tumble dried for reuse. It is recommended to replace the pad after every 3 to 4 months of regular use.

Shark Genius’s kit comes with 2 dirt grip pads. A dual-sided pad is designed with special strips of gripping material that is woven in to pick up dirt and lock it for a thorough cleaning. The pad is super-absorbent and has a fast drying time as well.

Bissell Symphony features Microfiber Mop Pads that are reusable, machine washable, and safe on virtually all hard floors. The white pad in the kid is perfect for daily cleaning of delicate flooring while the gray and white striped is meant for scrubbing heavily soiled floors and removing tougher messes. Few models also feature disposable Swiffer SteamBoost Pads that can be used to clean all types of hard floor surfaces and are perfect for those who don’t prefer washing their pads and instead of discarding them after use.


Compare Settings Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Lift Away and Shark Pro features an On/Standby button that should be pressed once for DUST setting that releases a light steam for quick dusting and quick drying. Activating the MOP setting by pressing the On/Standby button for the second time is perfect for normal, every steam cleaning purpose. Users can switch to SCRUB setting that can perform heavy cleaning jobs and leave floors damp by pressing the On/Standby button three times.

Shark Genius comes with three steam settings. The Low Steam is suitable for light cleaning purpose such as dusting, loosening, and lighting light dirt. It is suitable for Laminate, Hardwood, and Marble floors. The Med Steam setting is meant for cleaning moderate and heavy-traffic areas, removing spots, and smaller messes form hardwood, marble, tile, and stone flooring. Its High Steam setting also works on these floors but is designed for deep cleaning and removal of tough, stuck-on messes and stains. It also cuts through heavy dirt and grime while sanitizing the floors.

Bissell Symphony features Easy Touch Digital Controls at the fingertip since they are placed in the front of the handle. Each control can be switched on and off by pressing them once. The HI control is perfect for releasing a higher amount of steam for removing sticky messes from durable floors. The LO function is designed for cleaning delicate floors or is well-suited for light, everyday cleaning. Both these settings can be used simultaneously too with the vacuum function or separately as a steam mop. The VAC mode adds the vacuum functionality with the steam and can be also used as a standalone vacuum cleaner.


Compare Price Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro


Shark Genius – $99.99

Lift Away – $159.99

Bissell Symphony – $179

Shark Pro – $59.9


Compare Reviews Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Shark Genius REVIEW

A Shark Genius review by Laurie Ross states that the mop is easy to use and is flexible. The problem she faced is that it left behind streaks everywhere and is a bit difficult to push.

Damon Bower, another Shark Genius customer asserts in his review that the mop does have a long cord to cover a wide area but the steam doesn’t have to capability or power other Shark cleaners have to provide a thorough cleaning. He complains further that the mop head swivels way too easily and requires a lot of work to keep it straight while pushing. He also reveals that Shark Genius doesn’t stand up on its own and requires manual holding or lean it against something.

Another Shark Genius review by Kari Shelton discloses that it doesn’t clean hard stuck stains and is suitable only for everyday light cleaning jobs.

Lana Howell claims in her Shark Genius review that its water reservoir doesn’t come off but the graduated cylinder is decent for refills and its lightweight works well to raise it to the sink. She does mention that there is no On/Off button on it and it goes into standby the moment its plugged in.


Lift Away

Pablo Sanchez gives Lift Away poor ratings in his review since his steamer stopped producing steam after a while. He also found that the water tank was too small to clean the floors in one go and required constant breaks for refilling the tank.

As per Franklin Reese’s Lift Away review, the mop can’t stand on its own and is time-consuming since it requires constant hovering over the surface to remove stains. He does give it a positive rating for being a better fabric steamer with its garment steamer attachment.


Bissell Symphony

A Bissell Symphony review by Raymond Bryant warns users that it isn’t a replacement for a full-size vacuum. It works great for light cleaning of low-pile carpets, rugs, hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors.

Edna Ellis says in her Bissell Symphony review that its long power cord is great for cleaning larger areas without switching outlets and its flexible handle makes it easy to use and store as well. She also liked the fact that all controls are right on the handle for easy switching between various options.

On the contrary, Garrett Armstrong found Bissell Symphony uncomfortable to use due to unavailability of a swivel head for easy rotation. He also mentions in his review that its water tank holds very little water and requires constant filling for a larger surface cleaning job. Filling it up is also inconvenient since the tank doesn’t detach.


Shark Pro

Alexis Soto shows disappointment in her Shark Pro review since it didn’t produce steam after initial use because of some issue that seemed like the intake tube was clogged.

Another customer of Shark Pro, Willie Marsh states that the water fill cup of this steamer is very narrow and isn’t easy to fill. The elongated design doesn’t help to refill either since he had troubles hitting the fill hole with perfection. He also complains that the cord isn’t long enough and the mop isn’t tough enough to scrub difficult stains.


Verdict for Shark Genius vs Lift Away vs Bissell Symphony vs Shark Pro

Shark Genius – This steamer is perfect for those looking to perform light to medium cleaning for a fair price and few useful features. It isn’t meant for people who are looking to perform heavy-duty cleaning.

Lift Away – Since it covers a wide range of surfaces such as floors, furniture, carpets, and rugs, it is suitable for people looking for a versatile cleaning solution. Its handheld steamer feature, pet tool, and garment cleaning option to remove wrinkles add a lot of value to it. It is suitable for people who are looking to perform routine cleaning and can utilize its other features. The only drawback is its smaller water tank that might require frequent refilling over others.

Bissell Symphony – The addition of a vacuum mode apart from its steam mode gives it an edge over the other steamers. Bissell Symphony also shines with its pet focus feature that is suitable for homes with pets. The price though can be a little higher for users and it is recommended to not purchase it if similar features are available with other vacuums. It is perfect though for those looking for a powerful pet vacuum and wants to perform the heavy-cleaning job on a regular basis.

Shark Pro – This steamer is perfect for those who are looking to purchase something at a lesser price and still has a host of features. It is comparable with other vacuums in terms of its features and has few of its own additional advantages as well. Be warned that there are few reviews that are negative as well for its functioning but if these can be overlooked if they are regarding a feature that users aren’t keen on anyway.

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