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Starlyf Autoclean Mop REVIEW

Starlyf Autoclean Mop with Bucket

What is Starlyf Autoclean Mop?

It is a self-cleaning, self-drying mop and bucket system that promises to leave your floors sparkling clean. The Starlyf Autoclean Mop is the newest addition to the long list of as seen on tv mop. The latest is from the UK based Infomercial Company Starlyf.


How does it work?

It alleges that its secret lies in its dual-chamber bucket that washes the mop on one side and squeezes dry in another. This claim can only be substantiated once Starlyf Autoclean Mop reviews come out.

Great for all floor types
It declares it is perfect to clean all floor types like hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, marble and more! It claims to easily pick up liquid and sticky messes in just seconds. Then simply wash the mop on one side and dry it on the other side. Such claims of Starlyf Autoclean Mop sounds great but does it work well is a question better left to Starlyf Autoclean Mop user reviews.

It claims that its 360-degree swivel action feature allows for easy maneuverability allowing it to reach under any piece of furniture. It further emphasizes it is perfect to clean baseboards, and windows or mirrors for a shiny finish every time! It also promises to effectively work in the shower to clean soap scum and mildew, clean floors in the bathroom around the toilet. At this point of time there are no Starlyf Autoclean Mop reviews to verify this claim.


Starlyf Autoclean Mop with Bucket Side Cleaning

Starlyf Autoclean Mop with Bucket Cleaning

Starlyf Autoclean Mop REVIEW

Shirley Gray is happy with the Starlyf Autoclean Mop and writes in her Starlyf Autoclean Mop review- “It is easy to use, and is a high quality product that seems tough enough to last long”.

In her Starlyf Autoclean Mop review, Nichole Payne says- “The bucket is quite large, and wouldn’t fit under the tap in my kitchen sink, so I filled it in the bathtub but it was so heavy to carry out of the bathtub. I then added floor cleaner to one side of the bucket, and left the other side as plain water for rinsing. I was unsuccessful in getting the mop head through the groove in the grey cover of the bucket without removing the pad on the mop, so I wet the mop by putting it in on the side of the grey cover, which left it very wet. I manually squeezed out as much water as I could, and mopped my floors. The mop itself and its two different pads worked very well, the mop is easy to push and to rotate to where it is needed, and I finished my floors without using the bucket again.

Laurie Harper writes in her Starlyf Autoclean Mop review that a three-gallon half-bucket seems excessive and makes the bucket heavy. She says that it has to be filled to get the whole mop-head wet. The handle is very long. The microfiber mop-head can be removed and rinsed out. She adds that her main problem is that the mop does not clean and it does not pick up dirt in any form from the floor.

Ebony Gordon has mixed reviews of the Starlyf Autoclean Mop and says in her Starlyf Autoclean Mop review that the mop works, but you have to vacuum the floor before you mop. She states that if there is hair on the mop, instead of getting rinsed off, it creates a nasty ball which sticks on the mop pad.

Pearl Collier, another user states in her Starlyf Autoclean Mop review- “It is a great idea but not well thought out. Although some elements don’t work well, its greatest feature is so good I she still use it despite that. First, the bucket isn’t large enough to fit the mop to the side for clean water, second there is no good way to rinse out the mop, or empty the dirty chamber. The wringer is the best feature, simply tip the mop into the slot and pressure squeezes out the dirty stuff into the chamber”.


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  2. Jorge Victor Lasuen | 2nd June 2019 at 2:28 am | Reply

    I live in Buenos Aires-Argentina and wanna buy the Starlyf Autoclean Mop but it’s impossible to get one here. I ‘ll appreciate you could tell me the way how can I get this product
    Thak you in advance

  3. I thought of getting one but it’s out of stock on high Street.

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